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Inspired by Telengard and other dungeon crawlers of old, Demon's Sword is a challenging adventure that will slowly consume your soul. You must gather a number of relics in order to defeat the demon Fulad-zereh, including the legendary Shamshir. The dungeon is procedurally generated with each new game and replete with foes eager to decorate the walls with your innards. You may cast spells or summon powerful demon lords for assistance, but at a dire cost to your Purity. Lose too much Purity, and you shall join the damned wandering those accursed halls. And if that isn't sobering enough, remember that death is permanent.


+ In true Telengard style, any type of enemy may now spawn on any level of the dungeon.

+ Reduced max damage resistance from armor.

+ Reduced chance of Evade success.

+ Reduced max Hit Points gained per level for the player and all enemies.


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